Friday, March 27, 2009

A fellowship of Luminarians

Event 1: Weapon Design Contest (April 1st - April 26th)
- Design your very own Luminary weapon and make it come to life in game!
- Weapon can be a sword, spear, axe, bow, gun or cane.
- Please send yours design to with the subject "Design Contest".
- Reward: 5000 Gcoin Self-designed weapon [High Grade]

*Please note that all weapon design entries shall become the property of NDOORS Interactive, which reserves the right to use all designs in promotional materials and any other uses NDOORS seems fit.

Event 2: Welcome Celebration Event (April 1st - April 5th)
- Giving away S.T. Charms at random times!
- Visit the Pumpkin Statue to transfer monsters in front of Hanyang.
- All players will receive 200% bonus experience.
- GMs' events will be performed at random.

Event 3: Item Mall Spring Raffle (April 1st – April 12th)
- Players who purchase more than 3,000 Gcoin will be eligible to participate in a raffle by sending an e-mail to with the subject “Raccoon Doll” and yours greeting with character name and server name.
- Reward: 3 King Raccon dolls and 10 Evil Raccoon dolls!

Event 4: Town Hall Meeting (April 4th – April 5th)
- GoonZus, Ministers, as well as select guest 3 VIPs from each server will have a chance to participate in a special town hall session with the game masters to discuss anything Luminary.
- Players who wich to participate may email with the subject “Server meeting” by April 2nd.
- Email should include server name and character name.

Announcement by Ndoors' Global Luminary
Good Luck!!!
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