Saturday, March 28, 2009

Materials Calculator

In my calculator, which help you make a good amount of materials without anything lost, it provide:
- Weapon calculator (spear, sword, axe, bow, gun and cane)
- Armor calculator (helm, armor, belt and shoes)
- Materials calculator

How does it work?
- Its an Excel file so you need Excel to run it.
- At the bottom of the page, there is a place there you can choose what you want to do in this place there is every kind of swords which you need to make an higher one.
- There is also the list of mats you need and the Breakdown which tells you the raw mats needed (gold ore, silver ore, iron ore etc...)
- So with this calculator you may calculate everything you want to spam lots of weapon/ armor.

*Remember, only write in yellow spaces it says that the formula is it good it mean that you changed something, you have to relaunch it or download it again.

Here its the new version 2.0, you can download it at this link

The version 3.0 will come soon (if you have any bugs in the 2nd version, please tell me)

Created by Badgeter from Athena
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