Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ways to Earn Marbles (Money)

Selling Costly Materials that can earn a lot without using Gcoin. You can earn at least 50mil Marbles for each day if you work hard to hunt the materials and sell it to market, for example:
1. Oak
- Blue Lobster (Tiny Thicket 2f)
- Rocky Ox (Aoji Coal Mine 2f)
- Cursed Xeno Seras (Doom Tower 7f)
- Cursed Legio Volgus (Doom Tower 8f)

2. Iron Ore
- Ninja Panda (Monkey Hot Spring)
- Mudmole Cannon (Holy Ground)
- Lich (Hell Gate 1f)
- Gargoyle (Hell Gate 2f)
- Mining (Ankha)

3. Straw
- Mad Chicken (Ambika West)
- Talasco Goras (Destiny Tower 8f)
- Legio Volgus (Destiny Tower 8f)

4. Lily Root
- Cyclops Vine (Tiny Thicket 3f)
- Talasco (Destiny Tower 1f)
- Cursed Talasco (Doom Tower 1f)
- Ghost (Abandoned Fortress 1f)

5. Okara
- Hotspring Duck (Monkey Hot Spring)
- Talasco (Destiny Tower 1f)

6. Sesame Seed
- Blue Loster (Tiny Thicket 2f)
- Right Catfish (Sea Dragon Palace 1f)
- Farming (Sambara, Athravan)

7. Bean
- Talasco (Destiny Tower 1f)
- Farming (Sambara, Athravan)

8. Rice
- Senile Tiger (Dromopolis Southeast)
- Raino Seras (Destiny Tower 1f)
- Farming (Sambara, Athravan)
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