Friday, April 10, 2009

Luminary Online Game Description

Luminary Online Game is a fantasy MMO with anime style graphics and plenty of depth. The game still has the bread-and-butter MMO feature of killing monsters but it is easily overshadowed by the political and economic aspects of the game like buying stocks in towns, being elected as a GoonZu of the server, and trading created items in the game's massive Market. Why grind or go on the same old quests when you can become powerful and rich through politics and trading?

Key Features

  • Economics and politics both play crucial roles.
  • Become a GoonZu by winning a residential election on your server.
  • Raise pets for mounts and to help in battle.
  • Sell your items in the Market.
  • Choose between being a warrior, merchant, artisan, or politician.
  • Buy stocks.
  • Lease out buildings.
  • Hire NPCs.
  • Users create all the items used in a battle.
  • Each town has various leaders that will lead the town such as the Town Chief (leader of the town), the Heads of the Bank, the Stock Market, the Market, and the Warehouse.
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