Thursday, April 2, 2009

Announcement (2 April 09)

Item Mall Trade Adjustments
- After the server transfer maintenance on April 1st, all items from the Item Mall that are tradable and non-tradable in the NHN Luminary servers will match NDOORS Interactive server Item Mall trade policy.
- However, we are planning to re-adjust all item trade conditions by NDOORS Interactive in reference to NHN Luminary trade conditions.
- Our new item mall policy will be applied on April 8th (Update date may be changed in the future). Therefore, until further notice, please be patient with us.

New cash items for ijji users!
- After the server transfer on April 1st, all ijji users can buy the exclusive cash items from our Item Mall.- Some of the special items included the adorable Cubear that fights alongside you on battles.
- And the Monthly Teleportation ticket that allows you to warp unlimitedly to anywhere.
- Now, you don't have to worry about carrying hundreds of instant teleportation tickets in your inventory.
- Lastly, do not forget about the nice-looking Korean and Chinese Dress set to make your character look attractive.You can buy these costumes individually too!

New Items for Ijji players

Daily Teleportation

Weekly Teleportation

Monthly Teleportation


Secret Medicine Box

LoveLove Cooking Set

Ninja Set

Korean Dress Set

Chinese Dress Set

- Now take advantage of these exclusive items that was never released in the ijji servers. And we hope you enjoy them!

Announcement by Ndoors' Global Luminary

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