Saturday, January 3, 2009

How to Calculate Damaged?

Let take Holy Shrine As Example
A full defend will take only 46 Damage from holy mob and 45 belong to Element Attack and 1 Attack is the min for Physical Attack. If you have a level 4 Land Defend, you will get 45-10% = 41.5(41)41+1 = 42 Damage when you wear a level 4 land armor.

Your attack will work like this in Holy using a level 7 Wind = 250 + 45% = 362.5 (362). Your attack on the mob will add 362 Wind Attack and not only 250 Attack.

Elements in each HG %
Sea Dragon Palace
Attack: 40 Water Element
Def: -40% Land Element

Holy Shrine
Attack: 45 Land Element
Def: -45% Wind Element

Dracula Castle
Attack: 50 Wind Element
Def: -50Fire Element

Hell Gate
Attack: 55 Fire Element
Def: -55% Water Element

Armor defend are actually in % and not value in calculate link is example on how to calculate the % defend (figure used are not actual sum). Imagine a monster with 60 elements attack. Level 1 defend give you 5% so in another words, you will get 60-5% = 57element damage. Remember armor defend don't stack to work together, so no point making all your armor to one elements and hope that it do the tricks. Armor enchanting is useless to low monster so don't bother to enchant your armor unless you going to HG (sea and up).
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