Thursday, April 16, 2009

Luminary Spring Patch (15 April 09)

  1. New Raccoon Box item: Sea Princess!
    • A beautiful Sea Princess summon!
    • Stats: 150 STR, 50 DEX, 50 INT, 50 AGI, 150 WIS, and 140 VIT.
    • Available for a limited time in the Raccoon Box through Gold, Silver, and Bronze Keys.
  2. New Hunting Ground: Lost World
    • New areas to explore. Fight your way up to the 3rd floor!
    • New monsters to fight! Defeat the boss and get good drops!
    • New materials to get! Use it to make better weapons!
  3. New Weapons: Level 110 Weapons
    • Be the first to wield one of the 6 new weapons!
    • Have increased attack power!
  4. New Manufacture Formula: Medicine and Food
    • Receive more manufacturing EXP when manufacturing any medicine and food!
    • Increase the levels of your Skills to become the top artisan of these 2 classes!
  5. Bug amendment
  6. Summon Status Reset
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