Sunday, January 4, 2009


- Need doing ensure you read 30 mining book.
- With 30 mining skill having 40% chances to successfully dig up some ore every 40sec.
- So that with less than 30 mining skill gonna mine a lot slower.
- Go to the whether Shenburry(Gold Ore) , Kucha(Coal) & Ankha(Iron Ore).
- Need a Hoe for this, once equipped the Hoe, left-click the mine and start mining.
- However, mining will harm your Respiratory system
- That required one of following 4 foods to be sure healthy: Starch Noodle, Chicken Soup, Catfish Spicy Soup & Eel BBQ.
- If don't lost quick enough hunger for to keep Respiratory System on, can try over weighting yourself (will get hungry quick) or may make items while mine to make hungry yourself.
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