Thursday, January 1, 2009

Beginning (Level1-10)

- First you have to do is just follow all of Sarah's quests, this is quickest method to level10 (shouldn't take more than an hour) and you learn all the basics of the game by doing the quests.
- If you accidentally closed the quest window and don't know where to find here, following pictures will help you out.

-At one point she will ask for you to read a book, just read the swords tech [bgn] book that she gave you. At level10 & level30 you can get your skill point back by deducting it from the swords skill and stat reset. ONLY at level10 & level30.

- After Sarah's quest, just follow Siegfried's and Giselle's quests. Keep using your bamboo sword untill level10.
- You just have to keep following Siegfried's Quests and do Giselle's Quests with the loot you receive.
- When Siegfried or Giselle send you to a Hunting Ground that is too hard for you, just look the Jack NPC to do some timed quests in an easier Hunting Grounds.
- Once you completed all of Siegfried's and Giselle's quests, you can do Jean's quests in combination with Jack Timed Quests to maximize your experience gathering!
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