Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship Location:
1. Talatat (North West)
2. Svaha (North West)
3. Talasha (North East)
4. Trania (North West)
5. Naos (West)
6. Voir (East)
7. Isisnia (South West)
8. Shenburry (South East)
9. Ancient Tomb (South)
10. Sambara (North East)
11. Monkey Hot Spring (South)
12. Cursed Hell Gate (North West)
13. Ice Castle (South East)

Tips: Pirate Ship is party quest at least 2 person to attend. Pirate Ship showed up every 30min and the limited time to find the ship is 10min. For example, the Pirate Ship showed up at 2.00pm need to find the ship before 2.10pm.
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