Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goonzu & Minister Info

The Goonzu
The Goonzu represents the server. Their main power is the appointment of the 5 Ministries, as well as managing bonus times for the server.
-Appoints the 5 Ministries.
-Wears the unique Goonzu cloth and crown, allowing him or her unlimited teleport and server notice.
-Can summon users with a command.
-Sets Hunting & Manufacturing bonus time (from Goonzu chair in Hanyang) once per day for an hour.
-Writes server info on server selection screen.
-Receives 1% of all town’s stock dividends as a salary.
-Receives Four-leaf clovers to award to players.

Minister White Tiger
White Tiger Minister’s job is to keep track of and manage new users and towns. He or she appoints the Guardian Angels who help new users.
-No requirements, anyone can be appointed by the Goonzu.
-Sets the max number of residents for each town.
-Sets the max number of shops per town.
-Gives a fund that goes to characters that reach level 20.
-Appoints up to 50 Guardian Angels, who help new users, and get a special Guardian Angel hat.
-Allowed free unlimited teleportation by wearing White Tiger Minister clothes.

Minister Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon’s job is to regulate supply related values, and set event times.
-No requirements, anyone can be appointed by the Goonzu.
-Sets the duration of Town Siege time between towns.
-Starts the Dark Army event (4 times during Goonzu’s tenure), and manages settings for number of forces and respawn number.

Minister Black Tortoise
Black Tortoise regulates artisan related values, giving artisans bonuses and exp.
-No requirements, anyone can be appointed by the Goonzu.
-Sets the artisan support fund amount.
-Sets bonus exp amount for manufacturing different weapons.Minister Phoenix
-Minister Phoenix’s duty is to regulate market related values and taxes.
-No requirements, anyone can be appointed by the Goonzu.
-Sets Wallace’s purchase price for items (50-75% of item market price).
-Sets market and land auto-reduction rate (1-15%)-Sets trade tax (100-150%)
-Sets market listing tax (5-50%)-Sees average market price and amount of currency in circulation of players over level 10.

Minister Kirin
Minister Kirin enforces the rules and regulated public order.
-No requirements, anyone can be appointed by the Goonzu.
-Sets numbers related to monster stealing or macro use.-Sets prison times and exp loss amount for offenses.
-Can report individual users.-Appoints up to 3 police to help him or her, who wear the policeman hat, allowing free teleport.

* Minister Kirin will work with GM’s to ensure users are not treated unfairly. Any abuse of power will be subject to punishment as per Terms of Service policy.

** All Goonzu and Minister abilities and information subject to change without notice before or during tenure.

As you can see, the Goonzu has the power to appoint ministers of great power and responsibility, so use your vote wisely!
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