Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine Event (12 Feb 09)

Heart Candy Store Time
To gain heart candies, you need to sign-in to during the time show in below. Can receive a maximum 3 heart candies per day...

PST Time
Event Period: Feb 12th 00.01am - Feb 25th 11.59pm
1 Heart Candy : 00.01am-08.00am
1 Heart Candy : 08.01am-04.00pm
1 Heart Candy : 04.01pm-00.00am

GMT Time (Malaysia, Singapore & etc)
Event Period: Feb 13th 04.01pm - Feb 26th 04.00pm
1 Heart Candy : 04.01pm-12.00am
1 Heart Candy : 12.01am-08.00am
1 Heart Candy : 08.01am-04.00pm to check your heart candies & using heart candies to exchange with item you want to purchase.
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