Sunday, April 26, 2009

Goonzu Box

On April 25th - 26th, open a GoonZu Box to win exclusive prizes! Be the lucky winners to get the special Energy Drink that gives 300% experience! Now make everyday your GoonZu Days! So make a trip to the Item Mall, and get the GoonZu Box for you in the Luminary world!
Don't for to get the Raccoon Key to unlock the barriers to rare and prized items. Go for the forever mounts and costumes that give you extra bonus status. And go for the spirits and summon pets that will help you level up faster!

*Please note that the Halloween Box, Christmas Box, Flame Hatch, and Disorderly Student's Uniform Box. Also, the Energy Drink is not stackable with any candies.

Announcement by The Luminary Online Team
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