Monday, April 6, 2009

Cindy's quests

Part 1/19
- Need Ruby x5
- Reward: Crystal Manufacture(Beg) x1

Part 2/19
- Purchase Crystal Additive x5 from Angelet
- Reward: Manufacture Request x1

Part 3/19
- Need any lvl 1 weapon
- Reward: Crystal Manufacture(Beg) x1

Part 4/19
- Use the "resolve" tab from (NPC)Cindy on any weapon/armor to obtain mixtures(elements/powder)
- Note: Obtaining one element is sufficient enough to complete this part.
- Note: "resolve" is in quotes because that is how it is spelled on Cindy's interface window. And yes I know the quest info say restore. So make a note to yourself restore=resolve.
- Reward: Manufacture Request x2

Part 5/19
- Need lvl 1 weapons x2
- Note: They must be the same weapons.

Part 6/19
- Enchant your lvl 1 weapons to rank 1.
- Note: It doesn't matter what attribute you choose. But the powders you will recieve from next part depends on the attribute on the item. (See Part 9/19 if you want to plan ahead)

Part 7/19
- Use the "resolve" option again on the rank 1 weapon you made from the last part.

Part 8/19
- Have enough materials to make any one crystal in your inventory.
- Reward: Crystal Manufacture(Beg) x3

Part 9/19
- Make [F] level crystal x15
- Note: You can make any type of [F] level crystals to complete this.
- Reward: Dark Army Written Instruction x1.(This ticket is for (NPC)Turtle Back for speical PD requests and rewards. Look for towns that have hired him.)

Part 10/19
- Need a weapon with at least one slot. Any and all items before the patch won't have any slots. Therefore you will need to manufacture any new weapons. They will have random slots available from 0-3.
- Reward: Slot Crystal x1 (Yes this is the Item Mall item you can use to add slot to any old items you have. You DO NOT need to use this to complete the next part and it is tradable)

Part 11/19
- Put any weapon with at least one free slot into the Compound tab window from Cindy and any crystal you want to "combined" to that weapon in their respective spots. And just click Compound.(Quest says "combined." Cindy's text in the interface is compound. Once again combined=compound)

Part 12/19
- Need Composition Tool x1 (This is a new tool in the Ironware category)
- Reward: Crystal Additive x20

Part 13/19
- Make any [E] level crystals x18
- Reward: Personal Shop Tickets x10

Part 14/19
Need a Saw.

Part 15/17
- Make any [D] level crystals x24

Part 16/19
- Make any [C] level crystals x30

Part 17/19
- Make any level crystals x30

Part 18/19
- Make any [A] level crystals x30
- Reward: Subtitle x5

Part 19/19
- Make any [S1] level crystals x30
- Note: Manufacture only allows you to make x15 [S1] level crystals at a time.
- Reward: Recharge Crystal x1
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