Thursday, January 1, 2009

Weapon Guide

Main weapon: Sword
- Close Range
- Not the most powerful weapon
- Fastest attack speed

Main weapon: Spear
- Close Range
- Adequate power
- Adequate attack speed

Main weapon: Axe
- Close Range
- Very powerful weapon
- Slowest attack speed

Main weapon: Bow
- Long Range
- Less powerful than the gun
- Faster attack speed than the gun

Main weapon: Gun
- Long Range
- More powerful weapon than the bow
- Slow attack speed than the bow

Main weapon: Cane
- Long Range
- Weapon with adequate power
- Speed but every attack drains MP

Tips: Now making a Caner as your first character is without a doubt out of question, you'll never have a spare marble. Swords,Spears and Axes are cheapest of course but Bow and Gun is relatively cheap too, you just need arrows and bullets. The reason why you'll want to make a fighter first (and not an artisan) is because you'll need a good hunter character to supply your artisan character with materials later. Trust me. So for now, just choose the weapon you like best and buy 10 technique [BGN] books of it. So for example, if you've chosen Axes, you buy 10 Axe Techinque [BGN] books from the market, and read them. Next you'll need a weapon. Look for the weapon of your level in the info window and then go buy one from the market (it will be a level8 weapon). And go sell your bamboo sword to Wallace.
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