Friday, March 20, 2009

Trade Port

- Trade Port is a place to buy/sell some kind medicine, minerals, and fabric with other server (Japanese Server, Korea Server) unlike normal market, the currency used in trade port are Absolute Currency Units(ACUs).

Buying/Selling ACU
- You can buy or sell ACUs from NPC Jude.
- ACUs can only be bought if someone is selling them, and the value of ACUs also variable...(it means the price can go up and down).

Selling Things
- You can sell things just like a normal market does except you use ACUs as currency, and you will also be taxed.

Buying Things
- You can buy items just like normal market do but there's some difference.
i) You must buy using ACUs.
ii) You will be taxed, tax are paid using marbles, tax rate are VARIABLES(its not fixed).

- You cant buy items from your own server.
- Trade port is opened only for 12 hour a day, at 01.00-13.00 GMT.
- You cant make item transaction(buy/sell) outside that time, but u still can buy/sell ACU to jude.
- Trade port is located south of Lahore
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