Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Elixir System

There will be a new NPC in the game which is located outside of Tarbiz next to a tree and her name is "Chiellini" and she will exchange the "Magical Nostrum" with your weapons or armors (NOT the high ranked weapons/armors you are using). This system will give you more stats to add so you will become stronger! Players will need to buy an item from the Item Mall cost 24 G-Coin which is called "Elixir" to use along with the Magical Nostrum to have more stats for 1 Year in game time. The stats you receive will be your level times 1/2/3 depending on which Level [Times] you choose. Example, if you are level 90 and you choose Level 3 [Times], then you will get 90*3 = 270 Stats!

Once you get the Elixir from Item Mall and the Magical Nostrum by exchanging your weapons and armors. Now, right click on the Elixir to set up your Elixir System. Afterward, go to your Status Info (ALT+A) to find "Elixir" and click on it to add your stats! You can refer to the picture below to see the instruction.

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